Samples of Character Voiceovers
Hug Bandit Productions
Auditions and Casting Information for Voiceovers
The Project:
Hug Bandit Productions is a small production company located in Lake Montezuma, Arizona. We currently plan to produce a series of 5-10 minute
educational/entertainment videos for children four to eight years old to used for promotion on various websites and in other venues.  

Talent :
We are seeking four to six actors for voice over work in the Northern Arizona area to read scripts during the month of April at a recording studio located
in the Verde Valley area.

Auditions will take place electronically via submission of a separate mp3 audio file for each character you would like to read for. Samples are to be sent
to no later than Monday, March 28, 2016. Final casting will take place during the first week of April and
notification will be via email and a telephone call from the producer.

The Characters:
The characters in the scripts are based upon the cartoon characters of Hug Bandit and Company, and will require a high degree of animation and
character adaptation on the part of the voice over actors. In total, we expect to be casting parts for seven male and five female characters.

Ideally, each actor should would be willing to audition for a minimum of three characters and ultimately able to perform a minimum of two
characters.When recording an audition sound file, consider that these are out-of-the-ordinary cartoon characters, creatures if you will, and that all of
the voices need to be exaggerated to varying degrees. Think in terms of zany, madcap, screwball, eccentric when recording Doc Boo, Zelda, Mayor
King, and Peter Pearlywhite. Express in high and low tones in a sing-song manner.  Officer Copper is deep, commanding and flat. When recording
Goodie Tooshoes,ten-year-old Corey Tooshoes (best recorded by a female), and Chloe, the tone should be a more normal, smooth human sound.
Bennie B. Bopp's voice should lean toward the sound of an announcer. For the animals, Biscuit Dog, Tobie Cat and Blue Bird, no previous recordings
have been made; therefore, feel free to creatively explore. Biscuit is a female and Tobie Cat and Blue Bird are males; there is no prior voice overs so
imagination is a must.

Sample Voice Overs:
At the bottom of this page you will find samples for many of the characters. You should also check the video section of this site to review the animation
shorts that feature additional styles of voice over that was used in previous projects.

At the bottom of the page you will find sample scripts for you to use when you record - one for male and one for female roles. In the case of Biscuit Dog
(female), Tobie Cat (male) and Blue Bird (male) this will be the first time these characters have had speaking roles; therefore if you would like to try a
voice over for one or more of these characters, just replace the character in one of the scripts. Be sure to read the descriptive pages for their
personality and be creative!

Recording Studio:
Recording will take place at Sweet Sixteen Recording Studio in Cornville, AZ.  

Rehearsal will take place at the recording studio, prior to the scheduled recording time.

Recording Date:
The recording will take place during the third or fourth week of April, on a date that has yet to be determined. It is anticipated that recording will be
completed within one day.   

Scripts for the productions will be provided available to the contracted voice over actors no later than one week prior to the recording date.

Fee for Services:
Each performer will be paid a flat fee of $25.00 per hour for a minimum of four hours, which includes rehearsal time on the date of recording.
No further remuneration for the voice over services provided will be granted by Hug Bandit Productions. There will be no back-end residuals, no
percentage of profit or participation, credits and/or additional creative rights available to talent. The names of the voice over talent may be included in
the credits of each video, to be determined at a later date and at the sole discretion of the producer. Each person providing voice over talent will receive
a copy of the final audio files for their personal portfolio.

Thank you for your interest!