In this world, all critter children learned that happiness did
not happen by accident; it was things that made you feel
good. That kind of thinking was called positive thinking, and
anyone could learn how to do it! Instead of thinking or
talking about how bad things were, positive thinking critters
talked about good things most of the time, and they were
always looking for the good in every situation. These
positive thinkers were really like wizards because they could
see lots of good things that negative, unhappy critters could
not see. They could also find solutions and solve problems
really fast, create great new like putting on a new pair of
glasses; you could see lots of good things that you couldn’t
see before. It worked just like magic!  
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Storybooks: The Dream of Becoming
Mayor King's heart was
broken and he outlawed
Thanks to the Hug
Bandit, a power of
positive thinking, peace
and joy returns to the land.
If someone was sad, mad or scared for a long time, it could
turn into a bad way of thinking called stinking bad and feel
terrible, and lots of unhappy thoughts would be filling a critter’
s head. happier! Being a positive thinker and having a dream
to follow was sure to create a happy life and bring more
goodness into the world.

This is the story of what happened once in Kingdom Town
when happiness was outlawed, brought happiness back to
the land.

The Hug Bandit changes 'stinking thinking' with positive thinking
by way of heartfelt hugs in a magical land called Kingdom Town,

The Dream of Becoming is a joyful, fun story of how one
person's sense of hurt and resentment can negatively affect his
entire kingdom, and how another's dream of sharing love and
happiness can heal it: a perfect tale for children of all ages....

Any parent or grandparent wanting a gift for a child that will help
teach good principles, as well as entertain, should look no

The Dream of Becoming is a wonderful story about the value of
positive thinking....

The Dream of Becoming teaches a lesson in happiness in a fun

The Dream of Becoming is a goodie!...

The Dream of Becoming is a refreshing story of what love can

Nadine has created a set of very cute characters that emanate
from the wellspring of harmony and goodness that exist within
each and every one of us....

A great book about being positive, The Dream of Becoming is
an engaging and charming book that tells a story about the
importance of positive thinking....

Nadine Lachance has written a delightful fable about joy and
The Dream of Becoming introduces Kingdom Town and all
of the zany critters who live there. In this land good thing is
possible and dreams come true! All of the critters who live
That's right, creating a happy life is an inside job and anyone
can learn how to do it. For little kids and grown ups, the
Secret to Happiness is Positive Thinking! Take a stroll
through town and meet all of the wonderful, zany critters who
live in Kingdom Town. They will delight you with their
adventures, arouse your joy and enthusiasm, and inspire
you to create the life of your dreams!
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