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Day in and day out trying to save
everyone everywhere and make the
world a better place.  Not getting much
response.  Looking for advertising guy
to create new marketing plan.
Optimistic Beauty
Parlor Operator
Divorced with 8 year old
son.  Looking for Mr.
Right to babysit so I can
go out with the girls.
All American Girl
Ex-marine with tatoos. Looking for
serious relationship.  If not serious,
don't mess with me...I'm not
kidding around.
Man with Cat Hat
Don't ask me to take the cat off
my head.  He won't go.  I tried.  I
think we can work around it.   
Girl Dog with a Cause
Crusader by day, dancer &
sings backup for local
Superhero at night. Looking
for long term relationship
with gentle breed.
Salesman & Artist
I'm intelligent, talented, good
looking, a real catch.  Hey babe,
throw out that line.  You might get
"Psycho" Therapist
Are you suffering from OCD,
PTSD, or don't know your
ABC's, zen dis doc is for you.  
Free therapy session with
every date!
Cool Cat
Ex-circus performer going back to
school to study something more
"practical." Looking for cool cat to
prowl around with.
Gorgeous Model
Long hair (1) and self- centered
attitude. I believe I am the
center of the Universe. Get to
know me and you will too.
Bald Police Officer
Sure, I'm bald, but I don't care.
No, it really doesn't bother me.
I mean, it's what's inside that
counts, right?  Right? I also
have a car with a siren.
Girl Wants to Have Fun.
Do you like the way I look?
Do I make you laugh?  I hope
so 'cause I can't stop this
from happening.  There's
something wrong with me.
Green Dude in Powerful
Position  Do you like
power and hairy chests?
I have both. But I've got no
sense of humor. You might
end up in the dungeon.
Mr. & Mrs. G. Whiz' Dating Service:  SingleCritters.Com