Hector Hoogleheimer
Occupation: Assistant to Mayor King

Hector is the personal assistant to Mayor King, but truth be
known, he’s really only there for the paycheck. It's not
beneath Hector to undermine the King whenever he can,
and he thinks the Hug Bandit is a real superhero who he
hopes to meet one day.
Mayor Arnold King (aka the King)
Occupation:  Mayor of Kingdom Town

Mayor King was a happy-go-lucky kind of guy when
he was elected by the critters of Kingdom Town to be
their Mayor. He was just beginning his four-year-term
when someone broke his heart. Then he went from
being happy to being a big old  meanie.  Now he's
stuck in STINKING THINKING and tries to push
everyone around so the folks in town have nicknamed
him "the King."
The King's made up a new law: no laughing or singing
or hugging will be allowed in Kingdom Town, and a
new superhero, the Hug Bandit, is defying him and
running around town hugging critters incognito. Now
he's madder than a stepped-on snake! He's going to
find out who is behind the mask of the annoying
hugger, and he's hired investigative reporter, Benny B.
Bopp, to be his Super Snoop.  
The King's orders to Benny, "Find that little varmint!"
Mayor Arnold King and Assistant, Hector