Ms. Goodie Tooshoes
Occupation:  Beauty Shop Owner and
Corey's Mom
Ms. Tooshoes is a warm-hearted, dramatic critter
who's is a wonderful mother to her son, Corey.
She's the owner of Ms. Goodie's Beauty Parlor,
and she knows what real beauty is all about -
beauty is an inside job!
After getting hugged by the Hug Bandit, she told
Reporter Bennie B. Bopp,
“I’ll never forget that
hug; it changed my life!  I realized that I have a
dream to help others find their real beauty.  Oh
sure, I still fix their hair and paint their nails, but
now I also tell every client for over an hour how
wonderful and unique they are.  Everyone goes
away feeling more beautiful and business is just
Corey Tooshoes
Occupation:  Ms. Goodie's 8 Year Old Son
and Little League Baseball Star
Corey is the adventurous, energetic son of Ms.
Goodie Tooshoes, prone to boredom, a little
overly confident and a bit impatient. His biggest
interest in life is SPORTS, especially baseball.
Goodie Tooshoes and Son, Corey Tooshoes