Dr. Heinzschleppenhoogle Boo (Doc Boo)
Psycho-Therapist, Author and
TV Personality
Doc Boo is a goofy, charming German PSYCHO-
Therapist and famous TV personality who
Boobian Psychology.”  In explaining
his Boobian techniques, the practical joker
summed up his kind of therapy in a recent
"Just act vierd and do crazy tings in front of your
patient.  Zen, vhen he leaves your office, he vill
be so relieved dat zee vorld outside von't look
so bad!  
His opinion of the Hug Bandit?  
“Vell, vhen zee Hug Bandit first started hugging
critters, I tot, vhat a nut case dis gal is!  Zen she
hugged me and I found out zat my dream vas to
help utters to tink more positive, so I invented
Boobian Psychology.  Because of her I wrote
my first book!”
Tobie Cat
Occupation:  Ex-Circus Performer and Doc
Boo’s Assistant
This guy is a friendly cool cat, honest and loyal,
and bit of an intellectual snob. His dry, dark sense
of humor works well with Doc Boo's own zany
Tobie Cat is a critter with many talents. He was
once a famous circus performer, but he quit the
circus to join Doc Boo in his
psycho-therapy work.
Tobie Cat attends many of the doctor's sessions,
adding his own unique touch to the healing
techniques.  He and Doc Boo invented a special
treatment called, the "Cat Hat," for calming down
Doc Boo and Assistant, Tobie Cat