Officer Joe Copper
Occupation:  Ex-Marine, Super Cop and Head
of the Charitable Commission

Officer Copper is a warm-hearted, dedicated
police officer who loves to look after the folks in
Kingdom Town. He really likes kids and animals
and talks to kids a lot about being smart and being
safe. Just like his sister, Zelda, Officer Copper is
an ex-marine who knows the law and he enforces
it, keeping the Kingdom safe for all.  Every day at
breakfast time he can be found scarfing down his
sister's good food at Zelda's Coffee Shop.  
Regarding the Hug Bandit he said, “Word on the
streets was, a weirdo was out there hugging
innocent citizens, and it was my job to bring her
in.  Then she hugged me and I knew; this gal is for
real!  There’s a job to be done and she’s doing it.  
Now I say,
‘ Give the Hug Bandit your support.  
Don’t make me take you in.’”
Occupation: Owner of Zelda's Coffee Shop

Zelda, is a hardworking, conservative,  good-like her
brother, Officer Joe Copper. She's fussy and outspoken,
especially about taking good care of your health. You can
count on Zelda to give you a good meal and a slap on the
back when you tow the line, or a boot in the butt if you
About the Hug Bandit she says, “I’m an ex-marine, so I
know how to lay the law down.  I’d tell my customers to
clean their plate or get bopped in the kisser!  After the Hug
Bandit hugged me, I realized that my dream was to help
critters be healthy by eating right.  Sure, I still bop ‘em one
if they don't clean their plate,
but now they know it’s
because I care.
Officer Joe Copper and Zelda Copper (brother and sister)