Chloe aka the Hug Bandit
Occupation: Super Hero

Dressed in black cape and mask Chloe becomes the Hug Bandit and defies Mayor King's (everyone calls him "the
King) order to stop all hugging! In her secret costume, Chloe as the Hug Bandit has been popping out from behind
buildings, smiling, dancing and randomly
hugging critters!"  Most folks in town (those who follow the Rules like they're
supposed to) are wondering what the heck she is up to?

Pushing it to the limit, the Hug Bandit recently been seen with two other disguised characters: Bluebird and Biscuit.
Hug Bandit & Her Friends as, everyone is calling them now, won't stop until they carry the message to everyone that
love and coochie-coos CAN heal the bad in the world.  The dynamic masked trio have been appearing in secret spots
around town performing their
new rap hit, Hugga Hugga Bugga.   Their fans just love them, and rumor has it they may
get offered a recording contract by Rebell Recordings!
Chloe aka The Hug Bandit