Benny B. Bopp
Occupation:  Reporter and Super Snoop

Benny is a determined reporter working for The Kingdom
News, and he's been secretly assigned by Mayor King to
find out who the Hug Bandit is. He's  interviewing critters
who've been hugged by the Hug Bandit who now call
themselves "huggies," What will happen to the Hug
Bandit if Benny gets the scoop on who she is?  Will the
King throw her in the dungeon?
Peter Pearlywhite
Occupation:  Salesman, Aspiring Artist

Peter is a used car salesman who really wants to be
an artist. He's got a big-shot personality and he's a
know-it-all, even though most critters think he's just full
of hot air! Pete's in love with Ms. Cherry Bomb, a
model and one hot tomato, who is nobody's girl. If
anyone needs a hug from the Hug Bandit, it’s Peter.  
Peter Pearlywhite and Benny B. Bopp