Biscuit Shares the Secret to Happiness
Soooo, if you vant to make your life bedder fast, zen stop dat
stinkin tinkin right now!  No madder how bad tings seem, get smart
and start "acting as if" things were good.  Do positive affirmations,
vatch vhat you tink and say and vhat you listen to. Even if you don't
feel it at first, you can still act more positive and before you knows
it, more good vill be drawn into your life. Remember, vhat you tink
about and vhat you focus on GROWS! Take positive control of
your tots and you vill see a positive change in your life!
The Secret to Happiness is really really about learning HOW TO
THINK RIGHT! Thinking about and talking about our life in a positive
way (looking for the good) creates GOOD FEELINGS in us. When we
feel better, our eyes and our heart open up and we can see other good
things all around us. Looking at more good stuff than bad stuff helps us
be happy.

Sometimes we forget the Secret to Happiness, especially if our feelings
have been terribly hurt, or if we lost something important or didn't get
something we wanted.  Then BAD THINKING can take over our brain
and, if we don't stop it quick, soon it can turn into a scary condition
called STINKING THINKING! got to watch out for that one
folks!  It's gets going.  It can spread from one critter to another until it
takes over a whole group of critters, even a whole community or

If STINKING THINKING starts taking over your brain you need to do
something quick! STOP thinking and talking about the things that make
you feel bad! Instead, make yourself LOOK AT GOOD STUFF!  It will
take some work, but before  you know it, you will be back to GOOD
THINKING and you will feel a whole lot  better!      
Today I vant to discuss vhat I call "stinkin tinkin."  Now dat is vhen
you is tinkin all zee time about really negative tings and before you
knows it, yur attitude begins to stink too!  Soon, your behavior
starts stinkin and den suddenly zee whole vorld is all wrong and
you is zee only right one.  Yeah brudder you's really getting veird
now!  Zen you begin to attract udder veirdos like yurself and life
gets really rotten.  Whew!  See how dangerous stinkin tinkin
(negative tots) can be?  You find yurself saying, "Self, vhere has all
zee good gone?"  Vell dum dum, you chased it avay!
Doc Boo, Famous German Psycho-Therapist Talks About
Good Thinking vs. Stinking Thinking